How To Quit Drinking Alcohol

Let’s talk about how to quit drinking alcohol today, friends.   Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly!   Now you may be thinking “okayyyyy, this is different”¬†but stay with me. ūüôā   This is a health blog, and excessive alcohol consumption damages our spiritual, physical, and mental health after all.   As you know, … Continue Reading

Protecting the Planet With Seed Phytonutrients

Seed Phytonutrients is my latest craze.¬† This lovely little company’s mission is to support local independent organic farmers of America by commissioning them to grow their seeds. My father is an all-natural beef farmer so I was instantly drawn to the mission behind the brand. I really respect how they strive to enrich the lives … Continue Reading

Proverbs 12:25

I hope this verse inspires you to speak out more often. If you’re thinking something kind about a friend or stranger, tell them. You never how it could turn their day around! Have a great week!  

Spring Sale – Everything I Love Under $50

Below I’m sharing some of my favorite items from the shopbop sale. They are giving you 20% off anything you order under $500 and 25% off anything you order over $500. Just remember to use this code EVENT18 at checkout or you won’t get the discount! Click on the images and the arrows on the … Continue Reading

My Favorite Boater Hats For Spring

photography: Bryan Grayson   Nothing compliments a spring outfit quite like a boater hat! That’s all! Enjoy my picks below! Shop My Favorite Boater Hats For Spring:      

Finding Rest In A Busy World

Finding rest in a busy world… Easier said than done. The past few days I’ve been a little MIA around here, and I’m sorry friends. It’s nothing personal. It’s not burnout. I’ve simply been resting. And having a lot of fun ūüôā I was intrigued about the idea of resting (as if it was some … Continue Reading

How I Take My Makeup Off With “The Mitty Blackout”

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   I talked about how I clean my makeup brushes¬†in this post, and today I’m going to tell you how I take my makeup off with the mitty blackout.   What Is The Mitty Blackout: washable eye makeup remover mitten two separate cleansing tools are integrated into each pad ultra-gentle, plush … Continue Reading

From Winter To Spring With Elaine Turner

Elaine Turner is having a sitewide sale right now, and I thought you guys should know that everything is 30%off. I’m currently wearing an outfit (entirely from the new collection) that transitions really well into spring. Add this gorgeous Elaine Turner top to your capsule wardrobe, because it is perfect for layering. My favorite part … Continue Reading

What To Wear For Easter

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   Easter is my favorite holiday, hands down. Without Jesus’ resurrection, Christianity would cease to exist, and I would be a very¬†hopeless and confused soul. Easter is more laid back in the consumer market compared to Christmas and Thanksgiving. Which is a nice break for this momma on a budget. Easter … Continue Reading

Which Platform Should I Use To Create A Successful Blog?

“Which platform should I use to create a successful blog” is one of the most asked questions I get. So I’m giving you the scoop!   When choosing a blog platform consider these things: How acquainted with coding are you?¬† What is your blogging budget? Will you be committed to this blog for years to … Continue Reading