Brazilian Beauty Secrets With Teadora

Teadora is a natural skincare line that offers something a little different… Some of their ingredients in this multi-tasking oil include: RainforestHydration(tm) Elixir – a proprietary superfood cocktail of antioxidant, vitamin-rich, natural, organic & active essential oils from exotic Amazon rainforest superfruits, combined with Argan Plant Stem Cells. This unique blend of sustainable Brazilian Amazon Rainforest superfruit ingredients restores and … Continue Reading

An Eco-Friendly Gift For The New Mom by Marleys Monsters

photography: Bryan Grayson Marleys Monsters immediately came to my mind when one of my best friend’s told me she was pregnant. After squealing and tears and excitement of course… They carry the cutest things that are machine washable/reusable/eco-friendly. You can customize products to fit your family’s style (they offer over 100 different prints)!     … Continue Reading

Recycle Your Old Jeans & Earn $20 Off A New Pair

This month’s theme for me is “out with the old, in with the new” and it’s been so refreshing! I’ve cleaned out my daughter’s baby toys (yes, I cried a little) and decluttered my husband’s drawers. This week is dedicated to cleaning out my closet, and I’m starting with jeans. I currently have 11 pairs … Continue Reading

How To Thrive & Live Like You Matter

Do you ever feel like you don’t really matter? Like all of your effort is for nothing. Thoughts like this go through my mind from time to time, “Ciara, there are 7 billion people in the world….do you honestly think you have anything to offer.” And then I realize it’s Satan trying to mess with … Continue Reading

Women of Faith – New Year Sale

Women of Faith is having a BIG SALE right now to start off 2018 with a bang……. and I had to tell you guys about it! Everything in the store is an additional 20% off the currently advertised price until 11:59pm CST January 14th. Here are the nine products that I’m most excited about (broken … Continue Reading

Keep On Dreaming

Dreaming. Isn’t that an interesting word.  What do you think of when you read it? I think dreaming is for the audacious.  Not for the faint at heart. Dreaming is for the ones that truly believe the “impossible” is within reach. The ones that would rather risk everything for a dream that no one can … Continue Reading

Maple Holistics Shampoo Review

Maple Holistics is a brand I’d never heard of among the natural beauty community, until they asked me to review their shampoo for you guys. (By the way, I only include products from brands that actually work on this blog. I will never review something and claim it works – for money. Ever).  That said….I … Continue Reading

Read The Bible in 365 Days – The Plan and The Reason

Tomorrow is the beginning of a completely different chapter in my life (and your life). It’s exciting. It’s refreshing. It’s inspiring. You and I have another year to dream. Another year to pursue our God-given purpose. Another year to design the life we want. The life you secretly wish for doesn’t have to be for … Continue Reading

What I Use Every Day – Makeup Edition

Makeup quality doesn’t have to diminish when switching to nontoxic products. Here’s what I’m currently hooked on! PRODUCTS Foundation: CRUNCHI Beautifully Flawless – read more about it here! Concealer: au NATURALE Organic Cream – read more about it here! Highlighter: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer – read more about it here! Blush: au NATURALE Pure Powder … Continue Reading

What Is Your “Why” – Finding Your Purpose in 2018

photography: Bryan Grayson   Hi friends, As the new year approaches, I want to encourage you to focus largely on your “why” Your “why” is your purpose, your motivator, your reason for doing what you do on a daily basis.   Reflect on these questions for the rest of the month: What are you doing … Continue Reading