My Anthropologie Jumpsuit

photography: Bryan Grayson If you’re into 60s and 70s fashion, this will be a staple for the cooler months ahead! (It’s incredibly comfortable) Shop the post below by clicking on the images from today AND more of my favorite jumpsuits from around the web!

Natural Body Wash For Smoother Skin

in partnership with California Pure Naturals photography: Bryan Grayson I’ve talked a lot about my facial skincare regime, because it’s important, but sometimes I forget to talk about what products I use on my body. Don’t get me wrong, this facial toner works well, but my absolute favorite skincare products right now are California Pure … Continue Reading

Encouraging Your Spouse, Your Children, And Your World

Encouraging someone is to infuse courage in them by saying and doing things that build them up. Here are five tangible things you can do this week: openly speaking positively and loving to your spouse in front of your kids to model proper behavior telling a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance how awesome you think they are … Continue Reading

How To Be A Prayerful Planner In A Busy World

Shirt: Anthropologie | Jeans: Topshop | Tote: Nordstrom | Cardigan: Free People | Shoes: Marc Fisher | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bandana: Levi’s | Earrings: vintage pearls from my Great-Grandmother | Prayerful Planner photography: Bryan Grayson January and August are excellent times to invest in planners. January for the standard, dated planners to begin the new year and August for the … Continue Reading

Give Back W/ JCPenney

If any of my readers live near a JCPenney store and can afford to buy a pair of underwear or socks, please do. JCPenney will then donate a pair to a child who has none (specifically those enrolled at before/after school programs at the YMCA). I realize it’s not the trendiest place to shop but … Continue Reading

Do We Have Free Will

When I created this Free Will design, I wasn’t thinking of the dull choices I make throughout my life, “Do we visit your parents or my parents this year for Thanksgiving? Should we cook tonight or order take-out?” No. I designed this shirt with a much deeper thought in mind… focus on the freedom found in … Continue Reading

Easy Summer Makeup

photography: Bryan Grayson Skincare First things first, I wash my face with this cleanser. I don’t want to pile makeup on top of dirty skin from the 8 hours I just spent in bed sleep sweating. (haha gross I know, but true)! Foundation I have several foundations I rotate between due to changes in my … Continue Reading

Love Languages For A Healthy Marriage

I have emotional needs that must be met, and so does my hubby. These are called love languages. Let’s picture these emotional needs as a giant “love tank”. My love tank can either be emptied or filled by my spouse, parents, friends, etc. Basically, I can feel loved or not… I may know intellectually that my … Continue Reading

Goat’s Milk Vs. Yogurt + Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Goat’s Milk for the win, ladies and gentlemen! I started researching goat’s milk awhile back, because Audri’s stomach gets more sensitive the older she gets. Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw what I use to make my own almond milk in this post (due to her sensitivities). And we still enjoy almond milk. But … Continue Reading

Amazon: What I Buy

Did I take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day this week? Of course! I (shamefully) enjoy convenience and sales just like the next American. 😉 But seriously…. Amazon is killin’ the E-commerce game and I’m a repeat customer! Below are a few of my favorite things to buy from Amazon:   Beauty: 1). Styling Wand – I use this … Continue Reading