Feeling Refreshed After Exercising

photography: Bryan Grayson Shop My Post:     Today is a friendly reminder that you are made in God’s image and that your body is a gift from God himself. It’s important to take time to exercise so that you can execute God’s plan for your life with productivity and energy. If you don’t like … Continue Reading

Natural Deodorant That Works

photography: Bryan Grayson   I switched from Dove deodorant to this natural alternative (honestly a little skeptical that it wouldn’t work as well)  but I was pleasantly surprised! This deodorant even lasts through an intense workout – which is a must.  I’m now happy to say…..it’s my favorite deodorant on the market. It’s called Deozein and … Continue Reading

Stretching: Pre-Workout

Stretching is the most important part of any workout. There are many types of stretches designed for various activities. For instance, before a ballet class, I would suggest stretches that work on loosening your hips. I used to play collegiate volleyball and Paul ran collegiate track so our stretching and warm up routines varied. I focused … Continue Reading

My Workout Playlist

Having an amazing music playlist can keep me energized through my morning workout like no avocado can! I used to listen to rock music while working out, but lately I’ve been listening to upbeat pop music. Below is a mixture of older and newer songs, because that’s my favorite kind-of playlist right now! Most of … Continue Reading

Fun Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

Cardio should be done almost every day. Unless it’s high intensity exercises – like a training athlete would do – in which case it’s wise to skip a day in between cardio workouts. For the average person (like me) who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle – it’s safe to say as many days a week … Continue Reading

Easy Abs Workout for Beginners

There are so many abs workout (s) to choose from, but I wanted to focus on routines that consistently give me desired results when I’m looking to sculpt and tone. I do the following abs workout 4x a week: If you want to exercise with me – wonderful – go get dressed…I’ll still be here. 🙂 I’m … Continue Reading

4 Tips for Getting In the Mood to Workout

Sometimes, I’m honestly not in the mood to workout……….at all. For anyone out there who can relate, I’ve decided to share some secret sauce that gets me a little more workout ready:   I like to remind myself that my body is holy, a temple from God, and it’s given to me to be taken … Continue Reading

Easy Leg Workout for Beginners

I’ve been involved in dance, basketball, and volleyball since I could walk. I danced in college and I played volleyball at a different college. And let’s face it… that was 6 years ago. I no longer need to “bulk up” with heavy weights or focus my energy on specific things like speed. I workout today, because … Continue Reading