Finding Rest In A Busy World

Finding rest in a busy world… Easier said than done. The past few days I’ve been a little MIA around here, and I’m sorry friends. It’s nothing personal. It’s not burnout. I’ve simply been resting. And having a lot of fun ūüôā I was intrigued about the idea of resting (as if it was some … Continue Reading

Our Backyard Renovation Under $2,000

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   I’m more motivated than ever to get my backyard renovation moving along.   First, let me give you some context: I live in a friendly area with trendy boutiques, fine dining, and new coffee shops down the street. So, I wanted something less trendy/modern for my backyard. I knew I … Continue Reading

National Plant A Flower Day With Walter Seed Company

In honor of National Plant A Flower Day tomorrow…. I’m trying out my new Shasta Daisy Growing Kit. Growing a plant is both an intentional and beautiful experience. The aspects of sowing, planting, watering, and caring for a growing plant serve as a metaphor for navigating change in my life. “For everything there is a … Continue Reading

The Perfect Book For Anyone Who Has Been Slammed By Life Lately…

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   “Chances are at some point in your journey you’ve been slammed by one of life’s unexpected tidal waves. Divorce, death, betrayal, injury, loss, and a host of other life-altering tragedies are the unanticipated storms that shake us to the core and often leave us drowning in the sea of despair, … Continue Reading

5 Books To Read For Betterment In 2018

Let‚Äôs Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   When you think about reading books for personal betterment, your thoughts might naturally drift to genres like self-help, spiritualism, or religion. And certainly there can be some very helpful things to read in these spaces like this suggestion from an earlier post here. But you can also find some very … Continue Reading

Recycled Home Decor That Looks Beautiful

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   Recycled home decor (I’m talking 100% recycled) isn’t something I come across very often. At least the repurposed products I’ve seen don’t ever look as good as new…. However, this vase is 100% recycled and it’s an exception. It’s become my absolute favorite. No vase is quite as classic as … Continue Reading

Inspiring Creativity and Imagination With Barbie

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   Audri loves playing with Barbie and Ken dolls. We owns dolls of all shapes and sizes, so that Audri has a more realistic perspective as to what real women look like and accomplish out in the world. You can shop some of her favorites below. I also encourage her not … Continue Reading

Why Being A Creative Feels Like A Burden, Sometimes…

Board by: Letterfolk Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for awhile probably know by now that I’m a spontaneous, passionate, creative at heart. And I absolutely love that… Like when I fill a vase with fresh flowers. It makes my studio feel like a garden. I can’t imagine … Continue Reading

Pupbox Subscription Box (From Petco)

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   Some of my favorite products have come from the show Shark Tank. Remember my most requested blog post “Which non-toxic products I clean my home with”? Yep, you guessed it…..products from Shark Tank. Today’s brand I’m happy to introduce you to is called Pupbox. As seen on Shark Tank…of course. … Continue Reading

An Eco-Friendly Gift For The New Mom by Marleys Monsters

photography: Bryan Grayson Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   Marleys Monsters immediately came to my mind when one of my best friend’s told me she was pregnant. After squealing and tears and excitement of course… They carry the cutest things that are machine washable/reusable/eco-friendly. You can customize products to fit your family’s style (they offer over … Continue Reading