Perfectionism sounds glamorous, but it’s really just an illusion. It doesn’t exist.   What exists is real life.   The day to day. The meals, the memories, the songs that make you sing in the shower, the people you share it with. Real life should not be consumed with expectations of what should be or will … Continue Reading

One of the ways I stay inspired in this media-saturated, digital age is by reading physical books. Books takes me on an adventure. The visuals aren’t there so I get to create them by using only my imagination. Everything is up for interpretation and I enjoy that. Today I thought I’d share 4 books to … Continue Reading

I love books. Especially right before bed. Reading books allows me to connect with my imagination and helps me wind down and relax. Sometimes I read lying next to Paul in bed, but most of the time I read in the bath using my favorite bath accessory – my bamboo caddy (and drinking hot tea of course). In … Continue Reading

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