Finding Rest In A Busy World

Finding rest in a busy world… Easier said than done. The past few days I’ve been a little MIA around here, and I’m sorry friends. It’s nothing personal. It’s not burnout. I’ve simply been resting. And having a lot of fun ūüôā I was intrigued about the idea of resting (as if it was some … Continue Reading

The Perfect Book For Anyone Who Has Been Slammed By Life Lately…

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   “Chances are at some point in your journey you’ve been slammed by one of life’s unexpected tidal waves. Divorce, death, betrayal, injury, loss, and a host of other life-altering tragedies are the unanticipated storms that shake us to the core and often leave us drowning in the sea of despair, … Continue Reading

5 Books To Read For Betterment In 2018

Let‚Äôs Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter!   When you think about reading books for personal betterment, your thoughts might naturally drift to genres like self-help, spiritualism, or religion. And certainly there can be some very helpful things to read in these spaces like this suggestion from an earlier post here. But you can also find some very … Continue Reading

How To Thrive & Live Like You Matter

Let’s Hang Out! on¬†Instagram,¬†Pinterest,¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Twitter! Do you ever feel like you don’t really matter? Like all of your effort is for nothing. Thoughts like this go through my mind from time to time, “Ciara, there are 7 billion people in the world….do you honestly think you have anything to offer.” And then I realize it’s Satan … Continue Reading

Women of Faith – New Year Sale

Women of Faith is having a BIG SALE right now to start off 2018 with a bang……. and I had to tell you guys about it! Everything in the store is an additional 20% off the currently advertised price until 11:59pm CST January 14th. Here are the nine products that I’m most excited about (broken … Continue Reading

What Is Your “Why” – Finding Your Purpose in 2018

photography: Bryan Grayson   Hi friends, As the new year approaches, I want to encourage you to focus largely on your “why” Your “why” is your purpose, your motivator, your reason for doing what you do on a daily basis.   Reflect on these questions for the rest of the month: What are you doing … Continue Reading

Perfectionism Is For The Birds…

Perfectionism¬†sounds glamorous, but it’s really just an illusion. It doesn’t exist.   What exists is real life.   The day to day. The meals, the memories, the songs that make you sing in the shower, the people you share it with. Real life should not be consumed with expectations of what should be or will … Continue Reading

Books To Read This Fall

One of the ways I stay inspired in this media-saturated, digital age is by reading physical books. Books takes me on an adventure. The visuals aren’t there so I get to create them by using only my imagination. Everything is up for interpretation and I enjoy that. Today I thought I’d share 4 books to … Continue Reading

Books I’m Reading Lately

I love books. Especially right¬†before bed. Reading books allows me to connect with my imagination and helps me wind down and relax. Sometimes I read lying next to Paul in bed, but most of the time I read in the bath using my favorite bath accessory – my¬†bamboo caddy¬†(and drinking hot tea of course). In … Continue Reading