How I Take My Makeup Off With “The Mitty Blackout”

Let’s Hang Out! on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter!   I talked about how I clean my makeup brushes in this post, and today I’m going to tell you how I take my makeup off with the mitty blackout.   What Is The Mitty Blackout: washable eye makeup remover mitten two separate cleansing tools are integrated into each pad ultra-gentle, plush … Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Makeup Brush

Sigma makes one of my favorite makeup brushes called the 3DHD Kabuki. It truly works well for cream, liquid, and powder foundation. You can purchase it here for $25. It’s one of the only foundation brushes I use that isn’t a part of the green beauty community. I normally use Luxie Beauty or Ecotools. I … Continue Reading

The Two Must Have Lipstick Shades: Certified Organic

Dear lipstick, you make it seem like I tried harder than I actually did today. 🙂 I’m picky about lipstick because it completes a look. If it cracks easily or comes off after one sip of coffee, I just feel like I wasted time applying it. When it comes to lipstick colors, I stick to … Continue Reading

Easy Summer Makeup

photography: Bryan Grayson Skincare First things first, I wash my face with this cleanser. I don’t want to pile makeup on top of dirty skin from the 8 hours I just spent in bed sleep sweating. (haha gross I know, but true)! Foundation I have several foundations I rotate between due to changes in my … Continue Reading

Makeup…Should We Wear It?

Makeup has been around for thousands of years. There are numerous videos and articles written about it and everyone has differing opinions. Some women wouldn’t leave the house without makeup and others believe it’s totally unnecessary. Because I’m a Christian, I always look to my study Bible for the answers. Nowhere in the text does … Continue Reading

The Subscription Box for Organic Beauty Lovers

The first company to create a subscription box was….kind-of genius… They are everywhere these days! You can pretty much subscribe for anything you want (tech gadgets, outfits, meals for cooking, basic hygiene products, etc.) and a few days later it’s on your doorstep! Talk about convenience! Part of running this blog means I’m constantly trying … Continue Reading