Perfectionism sounds glamorous, but it’s really just an illusion. It doesn’t exist.   What exists is real life.   The day to day. The meals, the memories, the songs that make you sing in the shower, the people you share it with. Real life should not be consumed with expectations of what should be or will … Continue Reading

Weight loss can be tricky (especially if you don’t know the human body)! Most people think diet and exercise will cause them to burn fat and lose weight…..but that’s not true for everyone. Diet and exercise stimulate a hormonal gland in your body to produce one of six fat burning hormones. These fat burning hormones … Continue Reading

Comparing… What do you think of when you see that word? Do you cringe and immediately feel inferior? Do you imagine someone who “isn’t as good as you” and smile because you feel superior? Maybe you think of scrolling social media and feeling the weight of not measuring up? Whatever you’re imagining….the word “comparing” probably has … Continue Reading

Encouraging someone is to infuse courage in them by saying and doing things that build them up. Here are five tangible things you can do this week: openly speaking positively and loving to your spouse in front of your kids to model proper behavior telling a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance how awesome you think they are … Continue Reading

Shirt: Anthropologie | Jeans: Topshop | Tote: Nordstrom | Cardigan: Free People | Shoes: Marc Fisher | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bandana: Levi’s | Earrings: vintage pearls from my Great-Grandmother | Prayerful Planner photography: Bryan Grayson January and August are excellent times to invest in planners. January for the standard, dated planners to begin the new year and August for the … Continue Reading

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I have emotional needs that must be met, and so does my hubby. These are called love languages. Let’s picture these emotional needs as a giant “love tank”. My love tank can either be emptied or filled by my spouse, parents, friends, etc. Basically, I can feel loved or not… I may know intellectually that my … Continue Reading

My top three priorities as a wife and mother should be in this order: 1). God 2). Husband 3). Children   Sometimes it’s difficult to prioritize my spouse before my child, because she is four and has WAY more needs. The thing that helps me prioritize Paul every day is perspective. I realize that I’m cultivating my … Continue Reading

Anxiety is another word for worry or stress! It’s basically a fear of something that isn’t even dangerous. Which means it’s irrational. It’s only a REAL fear when it’s something legitimately dangerous (like falling from a high-rise) because that can hurt you. Anxiety is just an annoying little feeling that we perceive as a serious threat. We … Continue Reading

The officiant began our wedding ceremony with these words of wisdom, “Marriage is a holy estate given by God to fulfill us as individuals and as a couple and to conform us as maturing believers into the image of Christ.” I see that so vividly now. I’m living the bible verses that I’ve grown up reading. … Continue Reading

Writing a letter seems pretty outdated these days, but I’m a big fan of the lost art.   I love words.   Formulating them, speaking them, listening to them, hearing them, reading them, you get it…. so it only makes sense that I write for a living. And that I’m currently writing…….. about writing.   … Continue Reading

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