What I Use Every Day – Body Edition

Body treatment is necessary and relaxing. I love to experiment with different non-toxic products to see which works best. These are my current favorites:   PRODUCTS Toothpaste: Theodent (I use the original flavor and Audri uses the chocolate flavor) – read more about it here! Mouthwash: Dr. Brite Cleansing – read more about it here! Teeth Whitening: Dr. … Continue Reading

What I Use Every Day – Hair Edition

Hair quality, texture, color, and shine doesn’t have to diminish when switching to nontoxic products. I’ve tested many brands and products – so that I can give you honest feedback – and these are my current favorites!   PRODUCTS Dry Shampoo: Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo – read more about it here! Shampoo/Conditioner: John Masters Organics – … Continue Reading

30 Days With New Probiotics

photography: Bryan Grayson   Shop My Post: Happy December, ladies! This season brings celebration, joy (and minor stress) so I wanted to start off the first day of the month by testing out a new probiotic that just launched. Because I need this body to function at its’ best right now!  If you have a vitamin routine … Continue Reading

The Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For The Home

photography: Bryan Grayson   One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “What products do you use to clean your home that are safe around children?” Well, I can OFFICIALLY publish this blog post and I’m so excited because five of you sweet readers will walk away with free, non-toxic floor cleaning kits … Continue Reading

Natural Deodorant That Works

photography: Bryan Grayson   I switched from Dove deodorant to this natural alternative (honestly a little skeptical that it wouldn’t work as well)  but I was pleasantly surprised! This deodorant even lasts through an intense workout – which is a must.  I’m now happy to say…..it’s my favorite deodorant on the market. It’s called Deozein and … Continue Reading

Nail Polish That’s Safe For Kids

photography: Bryan Grayson It’s starting to feel like Fall every morning here and I love it! Audri and I spend most of our time outside, at the park, or in our garage that we converted into a “Family Fun Room” (complete with a pool table, drums, guitars, a giant dollhouse, bikes, twister, and a yoga … Continue Reading

Amazon: What I Buy

Did I take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day this week? Of course! I (shamefully) enjoy convenience and sales just like the next American. 😉 But seriously…. Amazon is killin’ the E-commerce game and I’m a repeat customer! Below are a few of my favorite things to buy from Amazon:   Beauty: 1). Styling Wand – I use this … Continue Reading

Natural Products From Whole Foods That I Love

I’ve tried many natural products from Whole Foods, and these are my current favorites.   I thought I’d let you know my top four that I have stored for the summer, because I have too many to name in one post! Plus, switching to toxic-free products can be daunting if you don’t know where to begin! Whole … Continue Reading

Why Switch To Natural Products?

Why switch to natural products? I can’t speak for anyone else, but the catalyst to my personal lifestyle switch is mentioned in the beginning of an older post I wrote here. The quick answer is this: Life is precious. Health matters. Toxins are real and avoidable.  Many people in my family have passed away due … Continue Reading

Farmer’s Market Date

photography: Bryan Grayson Farmer’s markets are one of my favorite ways to begin the summer months. There’s nothing better than local, organic, ready-to-eat fruit  and fresh air to kick off my weekend. We usually stick to the farmer’s market in downtown Dallas, but we like to try little markets from time to time to see … Continue Reading