Goat’s Milk Vs. Yogurt + Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Goat’s Milk for the win, ladies and gentlemen! I started researching goat’s milk awhile back, because Audri’s stomach gets more sensitive the older she gets. Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw what I use to make my own almond milk in this post (due to her sensitivities). And we still enjoy almond milk. But … Continue Reading

Food For Healthy Skin

There are many things you can start doing to get healthy skin like finding the right skincare routine, drinking more water, weekly exfoliation, monthly facials, wearing moisturizer with sunscreen, the list is never-ending… Today I’m focusing on one of the most important factors…….food! 🙂 I noticed a huge difference in my skin when I started … Continue Reading

Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Today is my mother’s birthday and I’m celebrating by taking her to eat and whipping up a little somethin’ in the kitchen for dessert… Because I like to cook healthy meals, I can honestly say I rarely bake. At future bake sales, I will be the mom with the homemade brownies. Classic. Easy. Made from scratch. … Continue Reading

DIY Beauty Recipies by Sky Organics

Have you ever purchased a card for someone that describes how you feel better than you could have worded it? Well, I’m in a similar situation today and that’s why this post is so short. Sky Organics put together this cool ebook – and I learned so much – I had to share with you! But … Continue Reading

Grapefruit Recipe that’s Healthy and Tasty?

Grapefruit is hard to eat by itself because of the sour aftertaste. Oranges are just more flavorful, and I’m positive that 90% of the world agrees with me on that. 😉 But I eat grapefruit for breakfast, after a workout, and I include it within meals from time to time because I can’t deny its’ nutritional … Continue Reading

Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the Busy Girl

A healthy breakfast is key! I feel much better throughout the day if I’ve eaten breakfast than if I’ve settled for a Larabar, or skipped breakfast all together. (Not that a Larabar is bad, it’s just my last resort to a home-cooked meal because it’s not a good source of protein). My favorite healthy breakfast … Continue Reading

Meal Planning With Real Simple For A Week

Meal planning is always done on Sundays in this house. I spend hours inside of my meal planning journal writing down exactly what meals to cook, and which ingredients I need from the store to make the magic happen! When I’m done, I hit the grocery store with my mini me, and it usually takes us … Continue Reading

Healthy Snacks for the Emotional Eater

I just love snacks. They hardly take any time to make and they fill me up until my next meal. But I have to admit, sometimes I catch myself craving snacks when I’m stressed, anxious, or sad. Especially sweet or salty snacks. Even though I have a major sweet tooth, I’ve found that I feel … Continue Reading