A Christmas Snuggle (Baby Onesie)

A Christmas Snuggle is the name of my holiday baby onesie! If you’d like to order one to give as a gift – or to dress your baby in for a Christmas pic – please comment below which size and if you’d prefer the red or green design! You can also message me directly on … Continue Reading

Do We Have Free Will

When I created this Free Will design, I wasn’t thinking of the dull choices I make throughout my life, “Do we visit your parents or my parents this year for Thanksgiving? Should we cook tonight or order take-out?” No. I designed this shirt with a much deeper thought in mind…..to focus on the freedom found in … Continue Reading


photography: Bryan Grayson My company hashtag (#liveveiledfree) is based on 2 Corinthians 3:17-18. Read here to find out exactly what it means. Warning: it’s lengthy so make sure you have time and don’t feel rushed at all while reading. It took me five hours to simplify this verse and make it relevant to you guys. … Continue Reading

Denim Skirt + Fearless for Jesus

Take one step into Nordstrom or any boutique these days and you’ll notice that the denim skirt is back! My first thought was “How’s that possible, it was only a few years ago that I wore this in elementary school?” Then I realized elementary school was a couple of decades ago… Needless to say, I’m … Continue Reading

Frayed Jeans & Suede Jacket for Spring

Frayed jeans are a Spring trend that I’m excited about. This exact pair has been rotating in and out of my weekly wardrobe for the past two months, because they are incredibly comfortable and stretchy! If you’re not one for tight fitting jeans, I suggest this pair or this pair. I like the cropped frayed jeans best, … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Outfit – From the Office to Date Night

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, so I wanted to give you guys a transitional outfit that is a little different from the norm. Something you could wear in a casual office setting AND your evening date. With traffic, child care, and “sorry you’re too late – this restaurant is already booked” kind-of … Continue Reading

Faux Fur Vest + Graphic Tee = Go-To Outfit

A faux fur vest that I really love wearing is such a good find for the chilly Fall and Winter months. I like to style them over and over again, getting creative with layering and accessories. Sometimes I wear my faux fur vest over a long-sleeve dress with OTK boots. Other days I layer my … Continue Reading

Graphic Tees in the Fashion Industry, Finally!

Graphic tees. They used to carry a sort of stigma with them in the fashion industry. That was a decade ago. Now, they are used in almost every large retailer world wide. If you type in “graphic tee”s on Nordstrom’s website, you’ll find 16 pages full of them. 16 PAGES…. The graphic tees I design/sell are … Continue Reading