If any of my readers live near a JCPenney store and can afford to buy a pair of underwear or socks, please do. JCPenney will then donate a pair to a child who has none (specifically those enrolled at before/after school programs at the YMCA).

I realize it’s not the trendiest place to shop but they asked me to partner with them, and I will always agree to help a brand that actually DOES something to create positive change. This campaign only lasts from Aug. 1-15th.

“The YMCA found that 55% of parents whose children did not have underwear and socks to wear said their children wanted to skip school or refused to go to school, because they were embarrassed.”

Under the video, I’ve linked socks for women and underwear for men from JCPenney that will tangibly help a child in need.


Socks / Underwear

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