photography: Bryan Grayson

My company hashtag (#liveveiledfree) is based on 2 Corinthians 3:17-18. Read here to find out exactly what it means.

Warning: it’s lengthy so make sure you have time and don’t feel rushed at all while reading. It took me five hours to simplify this verse and make it relevant to you guys.

I hope it becomes your new life verse! 🙂

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You are gorgeous!!! Love the pics!!! Reread the #liveveiledfree post and I was once again moved! The way you break the verse down is amazing, and so relevant for today! Thanks for taking the time to explain this very important verse from God’s Word!!! By the way I love my #liveveiledfree shirt!!! I think I will order a different one!!


Yes! What a beautiful reminder for us all. What a blessing to have this to go back and revisit your why for #liveveiledfree often! Thank you for sharing.

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