Pumpkin Craft For Any Age

Oct 13, 2018

Hey there!

Today I have a quick and easy pumpkin craft you can do by yourself, with your friend, spouse, or kids!

I’m by noooooo means a DIY expert…

But my mom and dad truly are!

They came up with this cool pumpkin craft and once I saw pictures of them sitting on their counter, I suddenly wanted to become DIY savvy for pumpkin season. 😉

Audri loved making these pumpkins so I thought I would share the easy steps with you (although I think this would be fun to do solo or with a roommate if you don’t have kids).


1). Cut logs in different sizes

2). Paint them orange

3). Cut a little branch for the stem depending on the size of log, drill a hole in the top of log, add glue then put the stem in the hole. Here’s a picture for reference:

4). Tie raffia or ribbon around the stem

5). Hot glue leaves on top for a little pop of color.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend, friend. 

If you like this kind-of blog post topic let me know below so that I can update you with a fun craft for Winter!

Oct 13, 2018 | Lifestyle

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  1. Diane Krause

    Nice!!!! I’ve even some, hmmm, what does one call them. tree trunk discs…I am by NO means a DIYer either…what kind of paint…an acrylic? I’d love my 4-5’s to do this…hmmm, a drill, a drill…a hand-held power drill will “cut” it…thanks!

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