Hi friend, I’m Ciara. I’ve always loved documenting. I was an avid writer in school, and wanted to be a journalist when I “grew up” but I was terrible at reporting. My professor often asked me to use less words, less creative style writing, less intellectualizing, you get it…

So I switched my focus in college to marketing and new media – where I could be as creative and fun as the client allowed. After a few years in corporate, I fell in love with the craft and wanted to use my newfound skills to impact people for the better.

I’ve finally found my place to help thousands of women each day, and I’m incredibly grateful that you still visit my blog and read articles (in a world saturated with TikTok). I’m 30 years old and I have an amazing husband, a beautiful 7 year old daughter, and an adorable 11 month old daughter! I value integrity and will only promote brands that I truly love and would recommend to you, your husband, or your children. Thank you for growing with me.


VeiledFree is a little corner of the Internet where I write about positive living.

You will find that my blog posts range from deep topics to frivolous ones. I like to keep things interesting, authentic, helpful and fun!

For instance, you can find life changing posts {hopefully} about mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional health under the Mindfulness tab (with insight from my years of being married to a therapist).

If you need to be uplifted and inspired, search the site long enough and you will find my favorite nontoxic products, healthy recipes, book recommendations, clean beauty reviews, eco-friendly, fair trade, organic and natural lifestyle choices, faith-based goodies, sustainable brands changing the world, and creative fashion posts.


For business inquiries, please check out my press page here.