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Amazon: What I Buy

Jul 14, 2017

Did I take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day this week? Of course!¬†I (shamefully) enjoy convenience and sales just like the next American. ūüėČ

But¬†seriously…. Amazon is killin’ the E-commerce game and I’m a repeat customer!

Below are a few of my favorite things to buy from Amazon:



1). Styling Wand РI use this every time I style my hair whether I want loose waves or curls! I also talk about it in this post.

2). Kids Costumes¬†– Audri¬†can’t get enough of these dresses! (they’re much more reasonably priced here than inside the Disney Store).¬†

3). Coconut Oil¬†– I use this every day for cooking, skin, hair, or teeth care. It’s magic in a container.¬†



1). Amazon Gift Card Рthey have e gift cards or printable gift cards depending on your preference! 

2). Gift Finder – you can browse different gifts based on who you’re shopping for here.

3). Friends and Family Gifting – you can see what items are on your friend’s wish list and surprise her with a gift she’s been wanting! (I’m not going to link mine because my friends don’t know you and might feel weird¬†that my blog readers can see a waffle iron in the shape of a keyboard is on their wish list) ūüėČ


Household Items:

1). Eco Dot¬†– Alexa is this machine’s name and I love to use her for changing music in the house and ordering take out.

2). Dryer Balls – Dab a bit of vanilla extract into these babies and you never have to buy dryer sheets again! Just one lasts me 6 months!

3). Rose Soap РI talk about how I use it in this post.



1). Ice Mold  these are fun for pool parties or hanging out in our back yard!

2). Phone Case¬† I’m sure marble will go out of style one day, but it’s not anytime soon!

3). Pool Float РAudri loves this watermelon float (even though I bought it picturing myself relaxing on it haha Рjokes on this mom!)


Hygienic Products:

1). Muslin Cloth this helps softly remove a stiff mud mask in one solid motion instead of scrubbing intensely and getting it in your eyes.

2). Toothpaste activated charcoal is a hit or miss for people. I personally like it, and my teeth have never felt so clean!

3). Disposable Gloves¬† cooking meat bare-handed is something I haven’t done since college.



1). Mere Christianity  classic book if you are considering what Christianity is all about!

2). Grace Not Perfection – I’m currently reading this with a few other girls and it’s been really insightful in this modern time of trying to balance motherhood! I posted a quote from the book on this Instagram post the other day in case you want to get an idea before purchasing!

3). Sacred Marriage ¬†the best book I’ve ever read on marriage! This would make an AMAZING gift for the bride-to-be! SO MUCH WISDOM!



1). Groceries through my Amazon App

2). Dark Chocolate Рone square for a mom/daughter treat after chores. 

3). Hot Tea Рso many flavors, so little time!


What are your favorite things to buy from Amazon?


Jul 14, 2017 | Toxic-Free Products


  1. Susan

    I also ordered The Rose Soap among other items! Amazing blog!

    1. VeiledFree

      Ahh great – that’s the only soap I use these days! Thank you!!

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