Easy Summer Craft Idea For Children

Jun 17, 2021


Paint, Brush

Audri and Averi enjoy the outdoors just as much as Paul and I do. Almost daily, these sweet kiddos hide their latest ladybug creations and ask me to go looking for them. I find their beloved ladybug rocks inside of my watering can, my raised planter, my flower pots, under the mat, inside of the flower bed, the sandbox, and so many more unexpected places that make me laugh. If you’d like a simple summer craft idea for your children, have them try this one. Collect flat rocks from outside (white or grey in color), paint the rock with this paint, let it dry completely, create the ladybug spots with this sponge, let it dry completely, paint the top with black paint and add googly eyes. Voila, you now have friendly little ladybugs of all colors for the flower bed and beyond. The girls did this project with their grandparents, so I’m not quite sure which source this idea originated from. If you’d like to see Audri explain this craft in person, feel free to watch her one-minute video here. If you’d like to browse more ideas for summer fun, feel free to shop any of the toys below.

Jun 17, 2021 | Motherhood

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