Easy Summer Outfit

Jul 13, 2018

I wanted to let you know that you are beautiful inside and out, my friend!

Your true value and self-worth comes ONLY from who God says you are…

  • not who your friends perceive you to be
  • not who your spouse thinks you are
  • not how educated you are
  • not what your parents say about you
  • not what your children think
  • not the career/credentials hanging on the wall
  • not who you’re afraid of becoming or who you’re afraid of not becoming

You are…

  • God’s precious daughter
  • His chosen one
  • A jewel to be treasured
  • A kingdom warrior
  • A soul winner
  • Fully known and fully loved


Here’s an easy summer outfit you can re-create at home! This look is perfect for running errands, watching a ballgame, or attending an event in this Summer heat! My favorite piece of this outfit would have to be the dress. I’ve worn it to church, date night, a camo themed baby shower with heels, and while pregnant with tennis shoes. It stretches and hides in all of the right places! Click on any of the images below to see pricing/sizing.



Photography Bryan Grayson

Jul 13, 2018 | Fashion

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  1. Diane Krause

    You are so amazing! You ARE beautiful inside and out! What an awesome dress…so versatile!! NICE!!

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