OMG! Mask – Treatment For Super Silky Hair

Mar 21, 2018


The OMG! Mask works wonders, people!

I’ll be honest, I don’t love the name of this product, but I can definitely stand behind the fact that it works! Like magic.

I have unique hair in the sense that it isn’t thick or thin. My hair dresser tells me that I have a lot of fine hair.

I tell you that for context.

When hair like mine is colored on a consistent basis, it can become pretty damaged.


And….well, basically dead.

So if your hair ever feels damaged, split, lifeless – kind of like bristles – I suggest this hair repair system.

I’ve never tried their face masks before, so I truly don’t know if they work or not, but the OMG! mask replenishes my color-treated hair like new! 


Here are the steps:

1). Apply The Healing Natural Shampoo, Lather, Rinse

OMG! Mask

2). Massage in Recovery Protein Treatment

3). Cover Head With Cap, Press Evenly To Distribute Treatment All Over 

photography: Bryan Grayson

4). Leave On For 10 Minutes, Remove, Rinse With Lukewarm Water 

I try to do a hair mask treatment – of some kind – every Saturday morning. It’s a quick way to pamper myself and hydrate my hair.


Do you have a favorite hair mask? Let me know below! 


Mar 21, 2018 | Hair

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