My Travel Guide To Big Sur

Jun 10, 2021



After visiting Carmel, Paul and I traveled south to stay in Big Sur, California. It far surpasses the hype and I cannot recommend it enough. Every access point is different with all kinds of vegetation, cliffs, mist, and stunning ocean views. I rarely edit my images on the blog, because I like to be as natural as possible. As you can see below, some of the places look completely different from the next even though the images are shot at the same location around the same time of day. The landscape here is wild and I hope you can experience it in person. If not, feel free to day dream and travel through my imagery. Point Sur Lighthouse was our first stop. It’s only accessible by a three hour guided tour on foot where they cover the history about the lighthouse keepers and how they built the light house (which is still functioning today). The fog cleared giving us an indescribable view of the ocean and the mountains on both sides of this beautiful (almost) island mountain rock. Once the parking lot is filled up, they close the gates and that is the tour for the day. I recommend calling ahead of time to ensure a spot, because you won’t want to miss it. I already miss the sounds of the cute sea lions barking…  Partington Cove. It’s a gorgeous cove off of Highway 1. It has hiking trails and a tunnel that leads to different rugged beaches. This is one of the most amazing inlets in the world (in my opinion). Week days and mornings are best for light foot traffic. Across the highway, hike a trail in the redwood forest for more unexpected adventure. McWay Falls. This iconic waterfall is located on the beach surrounded by seaside cliffs, ombre colored water, and crashing waves. It is accessible from the highway (if you find parking) and hike the marked trail. This spot is magical and surreal all at once. Paul said, “If mermaids existed, this is where we would find them.”   Andrew Molera State Park. This little gem is located in the northern part of Big Sur with several hiking trails and a remote beach. The hiking trail Paul and I took was very easy, because we wanted to enjoy time on the beach instead of the hiking trails that lead to mountain views from the top. Past the rocks, you’ll find another expansive beach worth exploring.  Grimes Point. Paul and I had a peaceful picnic here overlooking the ocean after a busy week of hiking. We rested and re-charged with plenty of trail mix, protein bars, and snacks from our hotel lodge.  Pfeiffer Beach. I talk about this beautiful beach in a separate post here. Picnic at Pfeiffer Beach Buzzards Roost hike. This four mile, switchback hike is straight up the mountain outside of Big Sur Lodge. With a great ocean and mountain view from the top, this hike is recommended right before sunset. It is personally satisfying to hike up so high that I feel like I am a part of the clouds. Paul and I enjoyed this exhilarating bonding experience, but it could be enjoyed just as easily alone. (Just don’t forget your flashlight for the trek down). Thank you for spending part of your day inside my virtual travel diary. I will talk to you soon!

Jun 10, 2021 | Lifestyle

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