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Our Master Bedroom Oasis

Jun 23, 2021

You asked for home decor inspiration via Instagram, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on in today’s post.

Enveloped in muted blues and warm tones, our master bedroom feels like a resort hotel beach retreat. With a tech-free space and a cozy reading nook, our master bedroom is an oasis after a long day’s work. Live greenery purifies the air and adds a grounded-ness to the room. Unexpected images from our beach explorations adorn the nightstands and walls, acting as a sentimental touch of practical escapism. As far as style is concerned… our designer, Emelia Risner from Havenly, said this room is a mixture of boho + glam + Scandinavian. Mixing muted blues with warmer tones feels different to us, as we’ve always gravitated toward soft, European neutrals. Venturing out into several styles/colors/textures feels calm… but not boring or overly precious. Our white-stained dresser is from IKEA, and made of sustainably sourced solid wood. Its knobs tie into the nightstand legs, because the wood and matte black work nicely together. Our two “ribbed” table lamps create fun texture in the space, and the muted blue rug is an inexpensive find that ties into the artwork and throw pillows. Our rattan chair is perfect for the nook, as it’s become my favorite part of the space to read and write. I also added in a simple but pretty gold floor length mirror for practical purposes. I’ve linked every item below so that you can re-create this look at home.  


Chair: here

Pillows: here, here, and here

Dresser: here

Mirror: here

Lamps: here

Nightstands: here

Picture Frames: here

Headboard: here

Bed: here

Rug: here

Artwork: here

Tree: here

Plant: here

Picture of our honeymoon: frame and print gifted by Framebridge

Jun 23, 2021 | Home Decor

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