Recycled Home Decor That Looks Beautiful

Feb 28, 2018
Recycled home decor items that look new/beautiful…can be a rarity. However, this vase is an exception. It’s become my absolute favorite for its’ size and perfect blend of classic and modern styles. I arranged a vibrant bouquet and displayed it on my kitchen island for Valentine’s Day this year. It was a lovely centerpiece that really set the tone for the home. I reveal a few of my best tips on how to keep flowers fresh for longer in this post. I found this recycled vase on and couldn’t quit browsing all of the truly beautiful pieces on their website. They sell recycled home decor items from different materials including: metal, wood, plastic, paper, cotton, glass. If you’re interested in how recycling specifically impacts our planet, read more here. It’s eye-opening and important. To make it as concise as possible…the making and selling of goods today depends on tossing things that are used and pulling new raw materials from the Earth to make more. In other words…if it can be recycled, by all means, please recycle it. Maximize the resources you have and Newly might just turn your trash into something stunning. Find more recycled home decor products I adore below.

Feb 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

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