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Saving Money On Clothes – From Kid to Kid

Aug 16, 2018

As you know, I’m making a transition into slow and ethical fashion. If you want to know what that means or why I’m interested in it, you can read my post here.

Because I’m an advocate for spending money wisely and really loving the pieces in my wardrobe, I’ve passed this ideology down to my daughter.

We still purchase new things for her, and not everything we wear is made in America or 100% eco-friendly.

But we try to keep a great perspective when it comes to her “things”…

We went to Kid to Kid this month and found the cutest things for fall/winter. 

I know thrift stores can get a bad reputation, but I don’t mind shopping around Kid to Kid.

The Frisco location is so nice and organized. They only buy/sell high quality items that are barely worn.

We got TWENTY TWO pieces for $83 dollars – I’m still shocked!

“We had this question of what to do with all the items we aren’t able to buy,” explained Shauna Sloan, President of Kid to Kid. “We pay cash to our customers for their best items, but if something has a small issue, we have a really hard time selling it. So we asked our customers if they would be willing to donate the items we couldn’t buy, and many of them jumped on board. We were able to offer a huge selection of product that customers could stuff into a bag for just a $15 donation, making it a win for everyone. Our stores donated their labor, space, and product to host the sale, and more than 3,000 of our customers came out and supported this idea of helping improve education in the world.”

So far Kid to Kid has built eight schools in seven countries. 

Find the store nearest to you HERE

Save even more money HERE

Aug 16, 2018 | Fashion, Motherhood, World Change

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