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The Thankful Tree – Craft For Toddlers

Nov 4, 2017


photography: Bryan Grayson


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This is my third year in a row to do “The Thankful Tree” craft with Audri. Does that mean it’s officially a family tradition?

I hope so! 🙂


“The Thankful Tree” is a great craft for bonding with any child 2 or older. It’s really simple, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, time, or resources.


All you need is:

fall stencils (we use Martha Stewart cookie cutters……. she would probably be upset watching us)


tulle, yarn, or twine

construction paper

a hole punch


a metal or wooden tree (we got ours antique shopping)


What you do:

Trace around the fall stencil, draw one thing you’re thankful for on it, cut it out with scissors, punch a hole through it, pull the twine through the hole and tie it, hang it on the tree. Admire!


What’s the point:

Every day in November, Audri makes one leaf to hang on the tree. I ask her what she’s most thankful for that day and she draws it (as best as a four year old can) onto the construction paper. She focuses on that one thing or person all day. We show gratitude by calling that person or praying over whatever she drew.

The next day, she has to choose something different.

By the end of the craft, Audri will have literally counted her blessings.

Last year she drew something on Day 1 and I asked, “What is it honey?” She replied, “I’m thankful for my Princess tattoo on my arm.” HAHA

This year on Day 1, she drew a face with hair and said, “I’m done Mommy!” I asked again, “What are you most thankful for today?” She replied, “God.” It was sooooo sweet and unexpected!! I asked her to draw the star and the sun to remind us her drawing was of God.

New leaves have been added on since then. Day 2 she was most thankful for mommy! Day 3 she was most thankful for food!

This is such an interesting way to find out what your child is thankful for! It makes for a great scrapbook keepsake too! 🙂


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving craft? Let me know below!


Nov 4, 2017 | Lifestyle, Motherhood

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