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This Is A Creative, Easy, (and beautiful) Way To Read The Bible…

Mar 30, 2019
In Partnership with Alabaster Co. 


Reading the bible can be a little overwhelming if you’re a new Christian.

I get it.


That’s why I set out to find a more creative way to read the bible. 


There are plenty of studies, devotionals, and reading plans that make the bible easier to retain…


…but I wanted to find a company who told powerful bible stories with impressive imagery.



Think about how we learned to read as children.


We read picture books.


I’m no educational expert, but I think it’s such a simple yet effective concept that shouldn’t end in childhood.




I’m both a visual person and a words person. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed magazines and beautiful coffee table books.


If you’re like me, I think you’ll find these gospel renditions pleasing to the eye and mind.


Here are the books I’m reading right now:

Matthew – buy on Amazon for only $30 here

Mark – buy on Amazon for only $30 here

Luke – buy on Amazon for only $30 here

John – buy on Amazon for only $30 here


You can purchase all 4 – as a complete set – on Amazon for $100 here.


If you purchase each book individually, I suggest giving them to loved ones (just in time for Easter).


These printed books have the ability to resonate deeply and linger in my memory, thanks to their thoughtful design.


Real Reviews From Fans:

  • expressive artwork
  • concise paraphrasing
  • i love the feel of the book in my hands
  • images are aesthetically pleasing
  • brings the Scriptures to life
  • arrived on time
  • excellent quality (well made)
  • practical and spiritual gift for someone
  • resource and tool to use
  • beautiful, clean, simple
  • reading experience is taken to the next level
  • new living translation
  • free shipping, free returns



Love you! Thanks for stopping by! 



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Mar 30, 2019 | Books, Faith, Seasonal Must-Haves

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