Ways To Make Your Husband Feel Special On His Birthday

Oct 7, 2021
I recently celebrated Paul’s 33rd birthday at home, complete with balloons, gifts, and homemade cards from the girls. Normally, we would be traveling somewhere for the occasion, but are still hesitant to do so at this time. Below is an exact list of simple things I did to make Paul feel special. Take this list as inspiration, tweak for your husband, and apply it to his birthday soiree as you see fit.  

Become A Genie For The Day

Ask him what his ideal birthday looks like (months in advance) and try your best to make it happen. Resist the urge to plan for him or control the situation before you’ve asked for his input. There’s no need for a guessing game…communication and transparency is key. If you and your spouse know what to expect, the day will flow much better for the both of you. He will feel special, seen, and heard. You will feel less anxious and content. The exception to this rule, of course, is if your husband asks you to surprise him.    

Personalize & Get Nostalgic

Decorate the house early in the morning, setting out his favorite details: pictures, colors, gifts, cards, and snacks. This doesn’t have to be elaborate if you don’t have the budget or time. I included framed pictures and orange and green hues as much as I could, because they are his favorite colors and memories. His gifts consisted of things he asked for, and a few surprises that I knew he would love and appreciate. We ate off of fine china and gold flatware to elevate the meals. I prepared a candy bar with some of his favorites, and played music throughout the home that he enjoys. 

Meal Plan In Advance

Make his favorite meals starting with breakfast through dessert. I whipped up lemon poppyseed muffins for breakfast, teriyaki stir fry for lunch, steak for dinner, and homemade key lime pie for dessert. 

Make Him Feel Loved

Include one of his love languages into the birthday celebration. If your husband’s love language is touch, offer him a spa-inspired massage. If your husband needs words of affirmation, try writing a heart felt letter. You can read my letter to Paul at the bottom of this post. If you don’t know your husband’s love language, read this book together for clarification.

Alone Time

If he wants to spend his birthday just the two of you, arrange for a sitter and plan something special while the kids are being looked after. If he requests time alone with friends, encourage him to pursue those relationships. If he needs alone time for rest and relaxation, keep the children quiet so he can sleep in.

Bring His Birthday To Work

If your husband’s birthday falls on a work day, modify the above suggestions by bringing things to the office on your/ his lunch break. Tie balloons to his car, email his co-workers to distract him while you decorate his office, set up his favorite finger foods in the conference room or lounge. Place love notes inside of his brief case or lunch box. Send him a fun email to break up the work day.  Do you have any suggestions for making birthdays extra special? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! 

Oct 7, 2021 | Lifestyle


  1. Melissa

    Love all of these ideas!! If his birthday is on a work day then maybe whisking him away for a surprise lunch (if his schedule allows). The Whisk Away!!!

    1. VeiledFree

      Yes, I absolutely agree! Lovely idea!

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