Keeping my feet pampered is just another way to love on myself and treat my body with respect. My routine includes a foot rub, a foot soak, and my favorite foot cream. I only do this once or twice a month so that it truly feels like a day at the spa, and it’s something … Continue Reading

Two things I enjoy: 1). Making a positive difference in the world 2). Healthy skin   This brand promotes both by donating one of their natural, handmade soap bars each time one is purchased to foster homes, homeless shelters, and senior homes. “As thousands of people around the world suffer and become diseased from lack of … Continue Reading

photography: Bryan Grayson   I love waking up to a tidy home, a big cup of coffee, and a little quiet time rather than being woken up by Audri abruptly (as I literally jump out of bed) in a rush to cook breakfast or get Paul’s lunch ready before he leaves for work. That doesn’t … Continue Reading

in partnership with California Pure Naturals photography: Bryan Grayson I’ve talked a lot about my facial skincare regime, but I forget to talk about what products I use on my body. Don’t get me wrong, this facial toner works well, but my absolute favorite skincare products right now are California Pure Naturals’ body wash and … Continue Reading

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Makeup has been around for thousands of years. There are numerous videos and articles written about it and everyone has differing opinions. Some women wouldn’t leave the house without makeup and others believe it’s totally unnecessary. Because I’m a Christian, I always look to my study Bible for the answers. Nowhere in the text does … Continue Reading

I love making my own non-toxic lifestyle products to clean with at home, but I’ve never tried making my own skincare products. That’s above my pay-grade. #notachemist Anyway, I ran into this company at the Indie Beauty Expo held in Dallas last month and they created a facial cocktail for me. I’d never seen or … Continue Reading

Have you ever purchased a card for someone that describes how you feel better than you could have worded it? Well, I’m in a similar situation today and that’s why this post is so short. Sky Organics put together this cool ebook – and I learned so much – I had to share with you! But … Continue Reading

There’s nothing more relaxing than ending the day with a good book inside of a hot bath! Tea in hand, of course. I’m always testing new, toxic-free products to share with you guys and I have to say my latest favorite body scrub is this one! Immediately after I massage it all over my body, … Continue Reading

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My skincare routine is vital for my overall sense of well-being. I feel clean, healthy, and put together if I have a fresh, hydrated face every morning when I wake up. I try to use common sense when it comes to keeping my face clean. I avoid touching my face unless I’ve washed my hands … Continue Reading

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